Zuiho-in is another sub-temple of the Daitoku-ji compound open to the public. The temple was created in the middle of the 16th century by feudal lord Otomo Sorin as the family temple. Later he converted to Christianity which was soon after proscribed for more then two hundred years. In 1960 a much acclaimed historian and designer of Japanese gardens of modern times Shigemori Mirei created for the 400th anniversary of the founding of the temple a dry garden in front of the Main Hall. Through gravel, moss, rocks and shrubs he created a dramatic landscape of the Mount Horai with the rough sea below.
In the western part after a small bridge continues another dry garden with gravel, moss and stepping stones leading to a tea house.
The “Garden of the Cross”, located on the north of the Main Hall is a dry garden in which the grouping of stones created a hidden cross, symbol of Christianity, to pay tribute to the founder who had to practice his religion in secret.
Between the Main Hall and the living quarters of the temple is a small courtyard garden.